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Why it’s only right to acquit President Trump

Thursday, January 30, 2020, 7:35 am | Randy Thomasson

Should President Donald Trump be removed from office? Your opinion depends on how well you know the law.

Several years ago, I was ticketed by a California Highway Patrol officer on a county road. After assessing the lack of evidence and the government’s money motive, I decided to fight — and won.

Because I was not guilty of speeding. There was no posted speed limit sign, and also no possible way I could have violated the Vehicle Code statute that was erroneously written on my ticket. 

Yet when faced with my overwhelming photographic and video evidence, the judge sided with the CHP officer, who on the second day of the trial, announced a new charge of “driving unsafely.” They saw me as a threat, so they denied me a fair trial.

Things got so bad (really, so corrupt), the final judge I ended up with ruled I was “guilty,” because I “didn’t prove” that I was “driving safely.” Stunned and angry, I told the judge, “This is America. I’m presumed innocent, and the burden of proof is upon the D.A., who’s not even here.” From 30 feet away, I looked the judge in the eye, called her ruling “a miscarriage of justice,” and promised to appeal. Up there on her dais, she had a silent fit.

In my written appeal, I documented how the court committed more than a dozen legal errors. Ultimately, since I had provided ample “evidence” that I was willing to take this corrupt denial of my rights to the full State Court of Appeal, the local court’s appellate division focused solely on the error that was the least damaging to them, and reversed my conviction. I got all my ticket money and insurance rate hikes back. I had beaten the beast!

So, you’ll understand why I’m keenly aware of the House Democrats’ impeachment charade. Because the congressional Democrats blew it on both process and substance

PROCESS: The U.S. House Democrats committed so many errors with their hearings, their subpoenas, their witnesses, and their impeachment articles. President Trump’s attorneys on the Senate floor have painstakingly delineated these violations. In essence, “the ball” wasn’t correctly thrown by the U.S. House, so it couldn’t “be caught” by the U.S. Senate. Therefore, the House Democrats’ impeachment articles are defective on their face.

SUBSTANCE: What the U.S. Constitution calls “separation of powers,” including the constitutional right of presidents to conduct foreign policy, the Democrats call “abuse of power,” without naming a single federal statute that the President allegedly violated. And what the U.S. Supreme Court calls “executive privilege,” which is the right of presidents to not provide Congress with confidential White House documents, the Democrats call “obstruction of Congress.” Their two impeachment charges are constitutionally baseless.

In other words, the congressional Democrats are NOT supporting and defending the written federal laws and the written U.S. Constitution, and they’ve made themselves HIGHER than the President and our Constitution. This is both lawless and corrupt, and is exactly what our mostly Christian founding fathers warned against when they created a government of reliable, written laws, not a lawless government of power-hungry people. For these reasons, President Trump should be acquitted of the two groundless charges against him.

Hate evil, love good;
Establish justice in the gate.

Amos 5:15

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