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New, band-aid California budget nothing to be proud of

Friday, July 24, 2009, 6:19 pm |

The California Legislature has passed their band-aid budget, adjourned and gone on vacation until Aug. 17.

The big items that failed on the Assembly side were a $1 BILLION transfer of local gas taxes to the state, and a $100-million-per-year-generating off-shore oil well.

To bridge the gap, Schwarzenegger will have to line-item veto this amount. All this and no real reform. The overspending problem persists.

This bad budget is gimmicky, it steals from local governments, incurs more debt obligations, refuses to implement much-needed structural reforms, and continues to use taxpayer dollars to fund all kinds of abortions.

This budget fails to make the hard decisions because the Governor and the Republican leaders (who control the budget because of the two-thirds vote threshold) would not persevere long enough to make the tax-and-spend Democrat politicians agree to eliminate tens of billions of dollars of government waste.

This budget is like putting a band-aid on cancer because the cancer of government overspending continues to grow while the average family’s financial picture has noticeably shrunk. More than passing a budget, the California Legislature has again passed the buck and kicked the structural problems down the road.

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