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Miss California votes for man-woman marriage

Wednesday, April 22, 2009, 7:00 am |

Watch Randy Thomasson on TV condemning Judge “Perez Hilton”: View now

See SaveCalifornia.com’s April 21 news release: Homosexual Activist Judge Displays Intolerance, Hatred and Retaliation Against Miss California Carrie Prejean

Take Action: Call or write the Miss Universe Organization, which runs the Miss USA pageant. Tell them to “Announce that Perez Hilton will never again be a Miss USA judge and that pageant judges must abide by the contest rules and not retaliate against contestants based on religion or politics.”

The Miss Universe Organization
1370 Avenue of the Americas, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 373-4999
Email: Unfortunately, the email address on the Miss Universe website is bouncing back email messages, so please call them instead.

Read Randy Thomasson’s April 20 blog on Miss California standing for man-woman marriage:

Standing up for man-woman marriage on national TV cost Miss California Carrie Prejean the Miss USA crown, but she won the admiration of moral Americans.

Watch the question from homosexual activist Perez Hilton (who chose this unfair man as a judge?) and Carrie Prejean’s answer:


Open homosexual Perez Hilton, who calls himself “the queen of all media,” blogged afterward that Carrie is “a dumb b****” with “half a brain.” Keith Lewis, who runs the Miss California competition, confirms he was “saddened” by these comments and said that “religious beliefs have no politics in the Miss California family.” (See how homosexual activists are intolerant and hateful and retaliatory against anyone who disagrees with them?)

Carrie attends San Diego Christian College, founded by Left Behind series co-author Tim LaHaye, so Carrie’s religious values probably have a great deal to do with her knowing that marriage marriage is only for a man and a woman.

On a radio show the day after the pageant, Carrie said her sister is a “gay rights activist” who is “extremely educated.” (In other words, her sister has been “re-educated” to deny the truth of human physiology and the truth of the Bible!) On the radio show, Carrie continued to say she believes in man-woman marriage because that’s “just how I was raised by my parents.”

It’s commendable that, under the Las Vegas spotlight and all the pressure of the moment, Carrie was able to stand for her beliefs. At the same time, we need to ask ourselves whether we are ready to give an articulate answer for why we believe and know marriage is only for one man and one woman.

Will you, under the pressure of the moment, fear God or fear man? Will you stand firm for the natural and physiological distinction of a man and a woman or the Biblical definition of marriage? If you say you only believe based on how you were raised, you can legitimately be accused of not knowing why you believe what you believe.

Here are excellent reasons why marriage is only for one man and one woman.

As to whether it’s moral for a young woman to strut in a bikini on stage, that’s for another blog, another day.


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