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Final chance to stop infanticide and punishment of good doctors

Tuesday, August 30, 2022, 10:33 am | Randy Thomasson

This is your final legislative alert as the California State Legislature crashes to a close at the end of Wednesday, August 31. Please call your assemblymember today!

On Monday, August 29, the Democrat-controlled State Senate passed AB 2223 legalizing infanticide and passed AB 2098 punishing good doctors who tell the truth about Covid. Also Monday, the Democrat-controlled State Assembly passed SB 1419 prohibiting parents from viewing all of their children’s health records.

See our August 29 floor alerts, delivered to 58 of 80 assemblymembers: AB 2098 (on Assembly floor) | AB 2223 (on Assembly floor) | SB 1419 (passed Assembly on Monday).

There is still a chance to defeat the infanticide and punish-good-doctors bills on the Assembly floor. But you must threaten Republican legislators to repent of their unloving silence (which resulted in SB 1419 passing Monday on a second attempt — see more).

If you’re seeing this on Tuesday, August 30, please drop everything and call your own California state assemblymember:

If your own assemblymember is a Republican, you must be very tough — because they don’t want to speak (this whole month, hundreds of bad Democrat bills, on moral, social, even fiscal issues, have passed without a single Republican standing and speaking to expose the harm). Leave a message for your Republican legislator, such as. “You need to stand and speak against AB 2098 punishing good doctors and AB 2223 legalizing infanticide. If you refuse to stand and speak, you’ll lose my support.”

If your own assemblymember is a Democrat, leave a message for him or her, saying: “Oppose AB 2098, which is an unfair, unconstitutional bill punishing good doctors who have been proven correct — Covid vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission. Also oppose AB 2223, which legalizes infanticide by prohibiting law enforcement from investigating infant deaths. I will be watching your votes.” 

Let love be without hypocrisy.
Abhor what is evil.
Cling to what is good.
Romans 12:9

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