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Do lockdowns and masks work?

Friday, November 20, 2020, 11:06 am | Randy Thomasson

Do lockdowns and mask mandates prevent transmission of Covid?

In July, the Lancet medical journal, after examining Covid data from fifty countries, concluded, “lockdowns…were not associated with a statistically significant reduction in … overall mortality.” Get it? The novel idea of a “lockdown” doesn’t save lives, despite doing a superb job of destroying people’s livelihoods.

And earlier this month, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found lockdowns and masks do not prevent Covid transmission. Military recruits locking down, wearing masks, and social distancing experienced a 1.9% infection rate, while military recruits not doing any of this had a 1.7% infection rate. Therefore, not locking down, not masking up, and not social distancing is as “safe” (and even safer) than performing these establishment-ordered acts.

And a large study of more than 6,000 adults in the small nation of Denmark found there was no statistically significant infection difference between people who wear masks and those who don’t. After one month, 1.8% of the people wearing masks had been infected and 2.1% in the unmasked group had also tested positive. This hardly-any-difference result explodes the myth of masks protecting you.

Remember, back in February and March, the medical establishment agreed that masks for the general public were ineffective in stopping the flu or Covid. But now, the opinion of these “authorities” has flipped, not based on science, but based on political correctness.

Let these facts stir you to rebel against the destructive, dehumanizing tyranny of lockdowns and mask mandates!

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God”
U.S. founding father Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson

Some good news in California’s election results

Wednesday, November 4, 2020, 7:27 pm | Randy Thomasson
Counting votes in Los Angeles County in November 2018

In our era of mail-in ballots, there are still many votes to be counted in California. But here’s what we know so far, at this moment, with 100% of California’s voting precincts partially reporting: 

U.S. House of Representatives:
Nationally, it will take 18 seats to flip from blue to red for Republicans to recapture the U.S. House and remove Nancy Pelosi’s gavel. Already 5 House seats outside of California have flipped, and RealClearPolitics says “Republicans Poised to Pick Up Over Ten Seats in House”

Adding to this national count are 1 to 4 flipped seats that could still occur in California. Here are the updated vote totals as of 6:21 p.m. on November 4:

  • In CD 21, Republican David Valadao is 3,033 votes ahead of Democrat TJ Cox
  • In CD 48, Republican Michelle Steel is 2,851 votes ahead of Democrat Harley Rouda
  • In CD 39, Republican Young Kim is 1,503 votes ahead of Democrat Gil Cisneros
  • In CD 25, Republican Mike Garcia is 1,722 votes behind Democrat Christy Smith

See the ongoing count

Worst California propositions defeated:
In California, it was a victory for what’s right in God’s sight when Proposition 22 resoundingly won freedom for gig-economy drivers (Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Postmates, Instacart) to work as independent contractors, rather than as employees. This victory paves the way for the eventual elimination of the Democrat politicians’ destructive, dysfunctional, and tyrannical AB 5.

More good news is the worst propositions are current losing:

  • Prop. 15 raising property taxes of commercial and industrial properties
  • Prop. 16 legalizing both racial and sex discrimination in government jobs
  • Prop. 21 statewide rent control (would have resulted in fewer places to rent)
  • Prop. 23 oppressive regulation of kidney dialysis (would have resulted in fewer clinics)
  • Prop. 25 eliminating money bail system

See the ongoing count

And now the bad news:
Due to lack of money to inform California voters on a massive scale, Prop. 20 was defeated. This good, corrective proposition would have made our streets safer by restricting early parole for more violent crimes, and by permitting more mostly non-violent crimes to be treated as felonies, rather than misdemeanors.

Bad propositions that passed because most people didn’t know what they were voting for:

  • Prop. 14 to spend $7.8 BILLION in taxpayer dollars for more research on dead pre-born babies’ stem cells, which has been an utter, unethical failure
  • Prop. 17 to permit tens of thousands of convicts who were released early (paroled) to vote
  • Prop. 19 to impose taxes when non-primary-residential property is inherited
  • Prop. 24 to create a new online privacy bureaucracy that’s likely to make things worse

Thank you for voting and for helping others to vote. California’s results could have been worse, and could have been better. But SaveCalifornia.com knows it was better because of your patriotic participation!

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.
Proverbs 29:2

Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray.
Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing psalms.
James 5:13

State judge ‘spanks’ Newsom

Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 10:50 am | Randy Thomasson
“Sutter County Superior Court Judge Sarah Heckman smiles during an investiture ceremony Monday, December 31, 2012 at the Sutter County Courthouse in Yuba City. At left is her husband Greg Heckman.” (Yuba-Sutter Appeal-Democrat newspaper)

It’s unusually good that a state judge in Sutter County (north of Sacramento) has called Gavin Newsom unconstitutional.

On November 2, Sutter County Judge Sarah Heckman issued a 9-page ruling that a) found Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom violated the California State Constitution when he signed his June 3 “executive order” trying to decrease in-person voting, and b) “prohibited” him from doing anything that “amends, alters, or changes existing statutory law or makes new statutory law or legislative policy.”

This helpful ruling provides a witness that Newsom has been operating as a law unto himself. In her opinion, Judge Heckman noticed the outrageous, unconstitutional deeds and predilections of Newsom:

The Governor takes the position the CESA’s grant of authority to exercise “all police power vested in the state,” allowing him to “promulgate, issue, and enforce such orders and regulations as he deems necessary” authorizes him to legislate by unilaterally amending existing statutory law. Not only is this an active and ongoing controversy between the parties, but it is a critically important one for the Judicial Branch to resolve. The State of Emergency brought about by the COVID-l9 pandemic which was proclaimed by the Governor on March 4, 2020 continues in effect, indefinitely, and the Govemor continues to have authority to act under the CESA. The Governor has issued three executive orders during the current state of emergency specifically regarding the November 3,2020 general election (Def. Exs. 4 and 5; Pl. Ex. D) and has issued more than 50 different executive orders changing numerous California statutes since the state of emergency was declared. (Pl. Ex. F)

The Governor continues to issue executive orders which create legislative policy (Pl. Ex. G.) The evidence persuades the Court it is reasonably probable the Governor will continue issuing executive orders which amend statutory law and create legislative policy under the purported authority of the CESA, violating the California Constitution and the rights of plaintiffs thereunder and giving rise to a multiplicity of judicial proceedings, unless restrained by a permanent injunction.

What’s the practical effect of this good ruling? Unknown at this point.
On the one hand, it might not mean much. First, because the June 3 election-related order no longer has any practical purpose; second, because Newsom since late June has been having his Department of Public Health issue most of the Covid-related “orders.” Newsom has been literally hiding behind the state public health officer, who purportedly has unlimited order-making abilities (this is clearly unconstitutional and begs for a lawsuit).

On the other hand, this ruling has the potential to add to the foundations of other lawsuits. Whether currently filed or yet to be filed, liberty-based lawsuits can become “weightier” by quoting the Sutter County ruling. As Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (who, along with Republican Assemblyman James Gallagher, sued Newsom) said, a permanent injunction (which the judge indeed ordered) means “a number of his previous orders would immediately be exposed as unlawful, while others may become newly vulnerable.” 

Ultimately, despite Newsom, despite his Department of Public Health, and despite local “public health officers,” elected county supervisors can and should quickly end this destructive, unscientific, anti-people lockdown by terminating their county’s “emergency order” and prohibiting any county monies to enforce any state “epidemic” order (i.e. limits on businesses, face masks, and the like).

It’s all up to county supervisors, as Placer County’s successful reopening has demonstrated. Bottom line, it’s time for county residents get tough. To hold pro-lockdown “Republican” county supervisors to account, pro-liberty county residents must threaten them with defeat at the polls next year unless they fully reopen without any restrictions this month.

Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil by law,
Have fellowship with You?
They gather together against the life of the righteous,
And condemn innocent blood.
But the Lord has been my defense,
And my God the rock of my refuge.
Psalm 94:20