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Big pro-life victory in Orange County

Thursday, March 12, 2009, 11:00 am |

It’s wonderful, refreshing and important that Orange County supervisors have pulled the plug on funding abortions.

This conservative Southern California county has been paying the baby-killing organization Planned Parenthood $341,788 per year through two contracts, $50,000 for “immunizations” and $291,788 for “sex education.”

This week, the pro-life county supervisors voted unanimously to ax the larger program because it includes abortions.

Pro-family Republican Supervisor John Moorlach, who proposed the action, said he has “a problem with government funding of an organization that provides abortion services.” So do most people.  So does God.

Think what this means for your community.  If one California county can stop funding abortions, so can other counties. Five supervisors in Orange County have shown the way. I’ve got an action step for you, so keep reading!

TAKE ACTION: Ask your own county supervisor to stop wasting scarce taxpayer dollars by funding abortions. Urge them to follow the lead of Orange County which is severing its abortion partnership with Planned Parenthood.

  • If you live in Orange County, call all five supervisors to thank them from stopping your local tax dollars from funding baby-killing abortions

            Patricia Bates 714.834.3550
            Janet Nguyen 714.834.3110
            John Moorlach 714.834.3220
            Bill Campbell 714.834.3330
            Chris Norby 714.834.3440


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