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We sent Truth to South Carolina and more

Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 1:03 pm | admin

If you’ve been following SaveCalifornia.com, you know we don’t support or oppose candidates, but we boldly stand up for God’s applicable truth in our land.

So, in the presidential race between Republican candidates vying to become the party’s nominee, SaveCalifornia.com and our national arm, SaveAmerica.com, have done the best that we could. We carefully researched the records and actions of the candidates and provided The Report Card on the Natural Family to help voters everywhere.

Our unique and objective report card shows the presidential candidates’ real stands on 10 public policies related to family values and moral standards. It’s posted here at SaveCalifornia.com and here at SaveAmerica.com.

> See documentation and sources: Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum

Educating voters in South Carolina

On January 15 and 16, we faxed and emailed our Report Card on the candidates to around 10,000 pastors in the early voting states of South Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Maine, Colorado, and Minnesota.

On January 19, we emailed our Report Card to 275,000 conservative business folks in South Carolina. That same day, American Family Association emailed and messaged our Report Card on the Natural Family to around 500,000 conservatives in South Carolina.

“Randy Thomasson and his organizations SaveCalifornia.com and SaveAmerica.com are doing everyone in the nation a Godly service by providing the unadulterated and clear and documented evidence of the actual public policy positions of the Republican candidates on family values,” said Steve Baldwin, former California state assemblyman (1994-2000) and former executive director of the Council on National Policy (2001-2009). “While not all candidates tell the truth, the Report Card on the Natural Family certainly does. Randy and his team are helping many people discern between truth and lies, between facts and hearsay on where the candidates really stand on these important issues for the future of our culture.”

> Help SaveCalifornia.com send our Report Card to more people in early voting states

A top Christian-values news site, OneNewsNow.com, saw the significance of our report card and did two stories introducing it to people in every state. Here’s the Jan. 20 story:

Get the facts
A Christian leader in California is calling voters to awaken to the facts of how the Republican presidential candidates stand on family values.
Leading up to the South Carolina primary on Saturday, Newt Gingrich asked his opponents Rick Santorum and Rick Perry to drop out of the race, arguing that he is the only conservative who can beat Mitt Romney. On Thursday morning, Perry did just that, throwing his support behind the former House speaker.
Randy Thomasson of SaveAmerica.com believes Gingrich is spot on. “He’s correct that if there is a leading moderate in a campaign in a largely conservative state and three conservatives are splitting the conservative voters apart, the moderate could win,” he says, referring to Mitt Romney as “the moderate.”
Citing the history of the past three decades, Thomasson notes that the Republican candidate who wins the South Carolina primary has ended up being the Republican nominee for president — so he is urging voters to know how the candidates stand on moral issues.
“Of the … Republicans still in the race, Romney is far and above the most against the ten family values and moral standards in the report card on the natural family,” says the family advocate. “He’s supportive of homosexuals adopting children, open homosexuality in the Boy Scouts and in the U.S. military, and … continues to support pro-LGBT education.”
Thomasson asserts that Republican hopeful Ron Paul is a “mixed bag” of family values, who does not oppose homosexual relationships and wants to eliminate official marriage licenses. Gingrich and Santorum are relatively equal on family values, Thomasson says, and are strong supporters of the natural family.
The pro-family leader asserts the facts were against Governor Rick Perry. “[He] would have been right up there with Gingrich and Santorum if he had not signed a homosexual, bisexual, transsexual ‘hate crimes’ law in 2001; and … had pledged to enforce federal laws against obscenity like the other two had.”

See the Report Card on the Natural Family at SaveCalifornia.com and SaveAmerica.com. SaveCalifornia.com and SaveAmerica.com provide the above information solely for educational purposes and do not support or oppose candidates for public office.

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