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Reporting the truth about the Prop. 8 ruling

Thursday, May 28, 2009, 9:03 pm |

Millions of Californians and Americans were amazed that not all of Prop. 8 was upheld Tuesday by the California Supreme Court. They can’t understand how a constitutional amendment that states that the only marriage that is valid is between a man and a woman somehow allows homosexual “marriages” to be valid too.

People have good reason to be angry. By allowing some 18,000 homosexual “marriages” as role models for impressionable children, and by refusing to uphold all of Prop. 8, an arm and a leg have been cut off the special institution of marriage in California.

Here are some of the news reports that SaveCalifornia.com was in after the ruling was issued. We didn’t include all the radio we did, such as the Brian Sussman Show on KSFO San Francisco, the Rick Roberts Show on KFMB San Diego, the Jesse Lee Peterson Show, etc.

In everything we said, we expressed gladness that half of Prop. 8 was upheld.  But we also said how frustrating and disappointing it was that judges legislated from the bench when they struck down the other half of Prop. 8, regarding last year’s homosexual “marriages.” See the news reports.


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